December 3, 2023


Vacation Shines Through

new collections from Sekers • Hotel Designs

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chair and cushion in Sekers fabric in mustard and teal from the Odisha Collection

Sekers is throwing again the curtain to reveal new collections this week, showcasing equally Odisha and Tynan as its standout new designs. Odisha is a selection of two beautiful textures available in a flexible palette together with rich jewel tones and sophisticated neutrals. From sapphire blue to gold topaz, it is the excellent gem for upholstery and equipment.The AquaClean sophisticated nano engineering can help guard the material against spills and stains with out acquiring to resort to specialist cleansing. The fabrics are also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Odisha is equipped with crib 5 flame retardant backing generating it ideal for the hospitality, leisure and marine marketplaces.

A second new selection on exhibit is Tynan, a huge width sheers range comprising of Areo & Yara. Equally plain styles appear in a assortment of 16 colours each and every including delicate browns, stylish neutrals and mint blue tones. Both equally fabrics are washable and fulfill the United kingdom, United states of america & IMO benchmarks which will make these beautiful plains great for the hospitality, leisure and maritime marketplaces.

Sekers is one particular of our Encouraged Suppliers and routinely attributes in our Supplier News section of the internet site. If you are fascinated in becoming just one of our Proposed Suppliers, make sure you electronic mail Katy Phillips.

Primary impression credit score: Sekers

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