December 10, 2023


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How to Turn Your RSS Feed into a Link Building Engine

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How to Turn Your RSS Feed into a Link Building Engine

Do you want more traffic? An easy way to circulate your news across the web? Then you would need an RSS feed. Just about every major online information source uses RSS to deliver content to subscribers. Unfortunately, most of these companies, along with resort managers do not yet understand the impact of RSS on their Website traffic. 

RSS (or “Really Simple Syndication”) simplifies importing information from portals, weblogs and news sites. It also simplifies the way you stay informed and helps you take control of overloaded email in-boxes.

RSS feeds typically contain news headlines and content summaries. It is straightforward and focuses only key points. No unnecessary details included. If the reader wants additional information they can click on the specific item in the feed which links it to the website which contains additional details. 

RSS readers, like Google Reader etc., collect multiple feeds, making it easy for readers to quickly browse information within each feed. Reading newsfeeds saves you a lot of time from viewing each site you like as it is fast-loading and each feed is sent via email or RSS, themed according to what the reader prefers or is interested in. With RSS readers can finally separate wanted information from unwanted information such as spam. Readers can even create their own news channel, and publish it to the Internet. 

RSS newsfeeds provide a variety of opportunities for increasing traffic to your resort website. But the best way to ensure your RSS feed works the way you want, is to manage it yourself. Although it can be very time consuming, there are third-party automated RSS creator you can use. MyRSSCreator and Feedity are common tools and offers services to automate RSS. For resort manager who only need an RSS feed for their company website, some of the most popular blog (Web Log) managers that offer built-in RSS services are Blogger, Xanga and LiveJournal

Many resorts websites report substantial increases in traffic when they put RSS feeds on their websites. Your resort website can often get better placement in feed directories than regular search engines, and typically, inclusion is instant.Here are some ideas of how to optimize your RSS and turn it into a link building engine.

  1. Subscribe to your feed and claim it on blog engines like Technorati, and Feedster.
  2. Pick a keyword theme for your feed.
  3. Use keywords in the title tag and make it only up to a hundred characters.
  4. Title accordingly as most feed readers display feeds alphabetically.
  5. Write description tags under 500 characters only.
  6. Use unique URLs for each item and use full paths on links.
  7. For non-technical readers provide email updates. 
  8. Add logo and images to your feed for corporate branding.
  9. Include you brand name in the item How to Turn Your RSS Feed into a Link Building Engine.
  10. Submit RSS feeds to all the RSS search engines and directories.

Using these suggestions can help you maximize the SEO value of your resort blog or newsfeed. 

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