December 3, 2023


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How to stack up the ultimate South East Asian adventure

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How to stack up the ultimate South East Asian adventure

Start destination: Bangkok Dates: 9th – 16th January

Tastiest foods: Khao Soi (coconut noodle soup)

Most spellbinding watch: Cycling past the towering spires of Ayutthaya

It’s a quite low cost and quite fast flight from Krabi to Bangkok. Which is just as perfectly, as we have obtained a further journey to kickstart. Nevertheless if you’re worn out soon after your flight (and possibly all people complete moon functions), do not stress: your very first working day is about poolside hangs and Do-it-yourself exploring (with advice from your specialist Trip Manager of training course). 

Then it’s time for touring gilded palaces, sleeping in a resort constructed from floating rafts, chasing waterfalls, biking to temples, and studying new matters, from cooking Pad Thai to battling Muay Thai. Because the only thing far better than exploring Thailand’s soulful North is accomplishing it with Contiki. Why? Because you can concentrate on the waterfalls and spicy soups, while we hand-pick epic accommodation, delicious dining establishments and special ordeals, each individual action of the way.

Search, we get it. It’s unattainable not to drop in love with Pai, or Chiang Mai. Which is why we gave you a number of further times to examine, feast, repeat to your heart’s content material. (Here’s a useful guideline if you’re caught for factors to do, but trust us, you will not be).

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