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Elvie vs. Willow Go – I Tried Them Both So You Don’t Have to (2023 Comparison Review)

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Hey momma, I see you looking for the ideal wearable pump for your feeding journey. Whether or not you are exceptional pumping or hunting for a thing to enhance breastfeeding, I’m in this article to assist. I have tried out 6 distinct pumps including the wearables – the Elvie and the Willow Go. Here’s everything to know about how they stack up versus just about every other and which you should really obtain.

By the way, I paid out complete selling price for both of those of these pumps, so this is a genuinely impartial evaluation. Let us evaluate each of the critical functions under to support you determine what is most vital.

Comfort and ease/Match

I’m a supporter of each pumps for the convenience and the suit. Just about every can match into a nursing bra, or even a normal smooth bra, devoid of forcing me to modify into a pumping bra like a standard pump would.

The Willow Go is larger at 5.3″ x 3.1″ x 4.7″, weighing 13.6oz. The Elvie is 5″ x 4.3″ x 2.7″ and weighs 7.4oz. The weight difference is only apparent for me if I use the Elvie for a week or far more and switch back again to the Willow Go. I discover them equally very simple plenty of to healthy to the nipple, although there is a significant variation when it arrives to flange measurement.

The Elvie will come with 24 and 28mm flanges. For me and many girls like me, the two of those are far too huge. You can buy a 21mm flange, or off-brand name flange inserts to make it even lesser. Sadly the Elvie doesn’t present just about anything smaller sized than 21mm. Despite the fact that it’s nevertheless workable with off-manufacturer inserts, it would work even improved with inserts or flanges manufactured by Elvie for the pump, so this is a ding for me.

The Willow Go will come with 21mm and 24mm flanges as well as a practical sizing sheet and guide. I nonetheless had to buy the 19mm inserts separately, but since they are Willow model they fit securely and I really do not have to sacrifice any suction.

If you do go with the Elvie and want more compact inserts, I propose the Willow ones as they are softer and nicer than the Maymom brand name.

Winner: Willow Go.


elvie pump vs willow go

A persistent rumor with wearable pumps is that they really don’t vacant the breast. I haven’t identified this to be accurate for me. In the beginning, I used a medical center grade pump and at the time it was time to return it, transitioned to wearable pumps completely since I hate time-out and I get greater output with them than my Spectra, believe it or not. Nevertheless some people today do see a dip in output.

This could be thanks to the reduce suction offered by wearable pumps vs. a plug-in, even though the Willow Go offers hospital-grade suction at 280mmHG, and the Elvie is 220mmHG. To me this is irrelevant since I just cannot go that significant easily.

Winner: Willow Go has higher suction capabilities.


Donning the Willow Go – Would not contact this discreet

Can we agree that there is no way for a wearable pump to be genuinely discreet, considering the fact that it has to make at the very least some noise and ought to have space for the motor and milk catchment?

The two pumps will make you seem to achieve 7 cup measurements. Your outfit decisions will make all the difference listed here!

Some complain that the Elvie has lights that will glow via a shirt. Though accurate, if you are carrying something that slender and form-fitting, the jig will be up either way. I obtain a scarf or free jacket solves the visibility issue of equally.

On the other hand the Elvie is a lot quieter. The Elvie can also be controlled by an app when the Willow Go can not, forcing me to attain into my shirt to alter the suction.

Winner: Elvie.

The App

There is no contest listed here. The Elvie application will keep track of your pumps, measure your output in serious time, and make it possible for you to control the pump from your cell phone. This is so valuable for these of us with mom brain — which is every person, indeed? — who simply cannot bear in mind when we last pumped or what we acquired.

I just can’t fathom what the stage is of the Willow Go application, which has a sea of 1-star reviews. It is effectively a timer with no other functions. My idea is Willow would instead not give it all the bells and whistles so that there’s nevertheless a purpose to fork out for the a lot more pricey Willow 3., which has a much more robust application.

Winner: Elvie by Significantly.

Battery Life

Each pumps past me 5 to 6 pumping classes, and both are chargeable with a USB charger. Equally choose about two several hours to arrive at a total demand, while in a pinch you can even now charge partially and pump with possibly a single.

If you’re acquiring the battery lifestyle sucks, get to out to customer company for a substitute. It shouldn’t be essential to charge right after just about every pump.

Winner: Tie.


As any pumping mama is aware – we cry above spilled milk! I would like I could say neither pump has a problem with this, but both of those of them do. Unless of course you’re pumping with the Willow 3. and using the one-use luggage, which are no friend to the world and need regular re-paying for, you are going to have to be very careful about bending around, and you unquestionably just cannot lie down to pump.

The Elvie in some cases leaks although I’m pumping, primarily if I have crammed a container and bend above too considerably. The gauge generally catches it in advance of this comes about, but if it doesn’t, I have a soaked bra which is aggravating as hell.

The Willow Go’s concern is with pouring the milk out of the pump and into a bottle or storage bag. I just about constantly dropped some in the beginning although I have gotten the dangle of it now.

Still, there’s acquired to be a improved way to design each to stay clear of spillage.

Winner: No person wins below!

Sections and Cleaning

The extra inserts I acquired

Each pumps have an equivalent quantity of areas that you will have to cleanse. Both of those pump sections can go in the dishwasher and I really don’t come across both 1 to be challenging to clear. On the other hand the Elvie comes with two added milk containers for quick storage and less recurrent cleansing.

Owing to the layout of the Willow Go, you have to empty the milk each and every time into yet another container in buy to use it yet again. I find this annoying and considerably choose the Elvie’s milk catchment procedure.

Winner: Elvie


The Elvie pulls in advance with a two yr warranty compared to the Willow Go’s a single year. There’s practically nothing much more annoying than running into an issue a couple of weeks just after your 1-calendar year guarantee operates out.

Winner: Elvie


This is obviously a huge a single. The Willow Go is now $329 while Elvie is $549.99. If you require a 21mm flange, you can also insert that to the charge of the Elvie.

The massive concern is whether it is worthy of the more $220.99 for the Elvie.

My Choose

As an exclusive pumper who only works by using the wearable pumps, I have been pretty delighted to have both equally. There have been situations when I forgot an essential part when on a flight and was happy to have again up, didn’t want to clean the areas although out and about and nonetheless had a cleanse possibility when I acquired dwelling, or experienced one particular run out of battery.

I notice most persons will want to just purchase 1 or the other. The respond to relies upon on how essential the app tracking and manage, quieter character of the Elvie, added containers/fewer repeated cleansing, and for a longer time warranty are for you.

Realizing what I know now, if I have been to buy just one, I would likely select the Willow Go considering that it’s more cost-effective. The application is irritating, but I have figured out to dwell with it.

I hope this comparison assisted you figure out which a person would be best for YOU.

Received issues? Come to feel free of charge to drop them in the reviews below.

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